Getting the heating and air conditioning chores done

I’m trying my best to get better when it comes to getting things done around the house.

This doesn’t come naturally for me, which is a shame because I grew up in an environment in which I could learn to be thrifty.

My dad could fix just about anything around the house. He never fooled with the HVAC system – he left that to the professionals – but, like second nature, he always completed the heating and cooling chores around the house. He worked those projects around his other projects. That’s not how I am. I need to set a reminder on my phone to change the darn filter; even then, I’m not consistent about it! I took a great step in that direction when I called our HVAC company; signing up for their repair plan takes the responsibility off of me! Now, I don’t have to remember to schedule the maintenance every fall and spring, and I’ve remembered to change the filters the last six months in a row! Is that a record? So, I think I’m doing my best at taking care of our HVAC equipment.

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Learning what winter heating is truly about

I used to have no idea what winter was really about.

  • I wasn’t even close to understanding! Growing up in the South, where a heat pump was all that was needed for heating, I had a wondrous idea of what winter was.

Like the Christmas cartoons of my youth, I tagged it as fluffy snow and sledding and similar things. The truth about changing temperatures had no influence on how I viewed a winter in the North. That’s changed, and it’s been quite a wake-up call for me. My wife’s mom lives in the North, and is getting to the point in her advancing years that she needs more care. So, staying in the South wasn’t an option for her. When my wife had the chance to take a job less than an hour away from her mom, it was an easy decision to accept. (I work from home, so I can work from anywhere). I support my wife on this. Living in the North is only temporary, so eventually we’ll be back to our heat pump and air conditioning in the summer. Until then, I am figuring out how to heat our home inexpensively. With the help of our very helpful neighbors, I’ve learned that it’s about keeping our home insulated. With no drafts, it’s easier to control the temperature. This is our third winter here in the frozen North and I’m already busy maintaining our HVAC system.
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Air filtration is everything!

I dislike making sweeping statements because they tend to come back to haunt me.

Sometimes, I can overstate something as being miraculous when it truly isn’t.

That’s why I hesitate when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to purification, but I love the air inside my home now! That hasn’t been the case for a long time. I didn’t realize our home had problems. It smelled bad; it was a case of stinky airborne aromas. This happens when you have a home full of two boys, dogs, and a cat, along with other problems. Our HVAC equipment simply circulated those smells. This doesn’t even begin to get to the health angle of crisp, clean indoor air, which is what finally sold my wife on an air purification system. For me, the issue was the odors. There was nothing I could do to stop them, come even close to eliminating them! At the risk of carrying on with my sentiments, air purification changed my life, and I’m grateful to have an air purification system.

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I can’t believe I forgot to schedule my gas furnace tune-up

I just about kicked myself when I realized that I forgot to make an appointment for the gas furnace tune-up.

This is something that is absolutely crucial to have done every single year.

This actually happened a few years back and the heating system broke down during the winter. Fortunately it was an unusually warm day so it wasn’t awful and the HVAC technician was able to get out to our place on the same day. He was able to get the heating system working with no issues and he was saying how we were lucky it wasn’t during a time that was freezing with snow coming down. He also said to be careful and try not to miss the tune-ups every single fall season. Well, we got into the beginning of the winter and when the snow started falling, that’s when I realized I hadn’t had the tune-up for the gas furnace. So I immediately got on the phone with the HVAC company. Surprisingly, they didn’t give me a hard time about doing this while it was snowing. In the meantime while the HVAC professional was working on the gas furnace, we just had a bunch of portable heaters working to keep the home nice and cozy. I told the HVAC professional how it slipped my mind to get the HVAC tune-up scheduled sooner. He laughed and said this thing happens all the time with people and it wasn’t such a big deal. He said the important thing was that I was getting it done and not skipping it altogether, because that could lead to devastating consequences.

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I basically told my wife I would follow her anywhere

Before I ended up moving to the North, I lived out on the West Coast and it was a pretty amazing life.

The weather where I lived was amazing all year round and you hardly ever even needed the HVAC system to kick on to be comfortable in your home.

The only thing you really needed was a good humidifier to keep the proper humidity levels, because it was a relatively dry climate. School was interesting because all the classes were in different buildings across the campus, but it was awesome because the weather was always nice. I typically would eat my lunch outside with friends. I still keep in touch with my college buddies to this day, but I live further away than anybody would have hoped. Still, that’s where I met my wife at college and we became unbreakable. When she said she was heading back to the North after we graduated, I told her I was coming with her. That’s exactly how that went down too. These days, we have a nice home with a handful of children and our friends always come out to visit during the holiday season. It’s always fun entertaining guests these days with our lovely fireplace and radiant heated floors in our home. Everybody always jokes that they always make excuses to come out more because of our enjoyable HVAC system. Typically we host New Year celebrations and have firework shows and everything! We let everybody crash at our place, especially if they have been drinking, we take their keys until they are sober.



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