The aged HVAC device

 Growing up in a middle class section in the south was entirely  interesting… In this particular area of our little corner of the world, the houses were huge with two stories, and as a child, I can remember our Grandpa heading on out to the store to buy kerosene for the kerosene built-in heater, nevertheless… Read more The aged HVAC device

Hardly ever needed a/c

When I was little, we had a small home in the south. It was outdated and a little shoddy. Most of our appliances were old, and everything from the oven to the air conditioning was at least half the age of my parents. With the hot climate, heating was never much of an issue to… Read more Hardly ever needed a/c

Can get by with no a/c

I never thought I would dig living in a basement, however it actually has its benefits. A good example is, during the summer, now I don’t even worry about the heat because the basement stays almost twenty degrees cooler than the air outside. My location has become everyone’s number one location to be–we can have… Read more Can get by with no a/c