Heating in our whole place

I’ve heard of some rundown apartment buildings, especially those that my sister Carol seems to live in.  Her most recent rental apartment really takes the cake for the worst possible living arrangement so far. My sister and I grew up struggling financially and we’ve gotten stuck living in some pretty horrible places in order to… Read more Heating in our whole place

Our electric heater is out

I am enjoying living in our new location.  Despite several challenges that the situation brings, I am glad that I moved.  It can be really difficult now and then because I’m living in a pretty isolated area and I get very lonely at the house by myself so often.  My husband, Larry is the only… Read more Our electric heater is out

Cost of HVAC

When my parents said that they were trying to downsize and transfer to a current household, my siblings and I were all thrilled to try to help them find a lake house closer to where we reside. Their wish list seemed pretty straight-forward: several bedrooms, two powder rooms, and a small yard. They also desired… Read more Cost of HVAC

Investing big in HVAC

My mother has to be one of the cheapest people in the world.  She really thinks that everything should only be a few dollars plus is frustrated every time she has to go to the store!  When it came time to replace our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device in the apartment I thought she was… Read more Investing big in HVAC

Newer HVAC equipment

It was one of the chilliest winters in my most recent memory as well as it just didn’t seem to ever finish.  We had days after months of below freezing weather as well as tons of ice.  There is never a great time for your heating or a/cs to fail as well as last year… Read more Newer HVAC equipment

broken air vent

When my mom returned from vacation she was upset to find that something had gotten into the house.  I say, something, because there were food items that had been ransacked and there were droppings all over the kitchen.  She knew right away that this was not the work of a robber. She started to investigate… Read more broken air vent

Frozen Car batteries

My mother-in-law called last week Stella said her car wouldn’t start and asked if my husband could go over to check it out. He stopped over after work and found that her battery was dead and ask her when the last time she drove her car was. She said that she had driven it the… Read more Frozen Car batteries