Bad points of heating

Having radiators as a heating source has more disadvantages than advantages. The advantages are that they decrease utility bills, but that’s about it. The disadvantages are that they are loud, complicated to adjust, usually outdated and ugly-looking, and most annoying to me, cause a lot of indoor fog. I know this because I use to… Read more Bad points of heating

Church ductwork maintenance

My church currently holds services in a sizable tent. While many people are initially taken aback by this, I undoubtedly love the tent services. Every month feels similar to an adventure! Visitors are often happily surprised when they come to their first event in the tent. In all honesty, though, I would not love being… Read more Church ductwork maintenance

Stove top heater device

I was packing to go visit our neighbor Nancy, who lives many hours up north from me. I asked her if she had central heating in his home. She instantly assured me that, while she didn’t have central heating, she had a nice gas furnace that kept the entire house warmer than central heating, and… Read more Stove top heater device

No a/c just yet

I have a massive family as well as both of us try to celebration as much as possible.  It’s hard now that we’re grown-ups as well as some of us even have teenagers of our own, but the more the merrier!  All of us have developed a plan that has worked very well for us… Read more No a/c just yet

Busted a/c in the dorms

Some of the best experiences of my life were had during my boarding school years.  I made some great friends as well as of course l learned a lot as well as went on to get a great career.  I have stayed best friends with a lot of those people I met in boarding school.… Read more Busted a/c in the dorms

No electric for heating

This month has been moderate and rainy, but it isn’t going to last long.  The humid temperatures will be plummeting in a couple of days, plus the rain is going to turn icy plus snowy.  They are already putting out stern warnings about power outages because of the excessive weight of the ice on the… Read more No electric for heating

Energy savings needed

When I decided to buy myself current appliances, I went all the way.  I bought a new refrigerator, new gas stove, plus new dishwasher.  I was actually worried about the energy star ratings for them, because I wanted them to be as efficient as I could.  I knew how our energy bills were actually too… Read more Energy savings needed

Happy about my heat pump

I’ve lived in the northern section of the country, close to the Canadian border, for over forty years. The majority of the year is quite snowy and freezing, so it’s necessary to run the gas furnace at maximum capacity. I am forced to hide in the house, seal up every crack and leak, and go… Read more Happy about my heat pump

Why radiant floors are better

Radiant flooring is, frankly, the single best type of heating system. The component doesn’t require any space within the house itself because it is hidden beneath the floor. This makes it far more aesthetic than other styles of heating units. Radiant heating also provides superior comfort and costs less to operate, at the same time… Read more Why radiant floors are better