Terrible HVAC service

I am currently on the hunt for a new HVAC service company to work with. I have had too many bad experiences this past year to be comfortable with working with this local business. They are simply just so unprofessional! It’s not even just myself who has had big time problems with them either, a… Read more Terrible HVAC service

Good old inlaws

I am really not having a good time during these yearly visits to my wife’s parents house. They are lovely people, but they are certainly set in their ways. They grew up in the old days when they didn’t have that many luxury items such as heating and air conditioning installed in their homes. They… Read more Good old inlaws

Air Purifier Needed

If your home is a bit dusty and especially if you have mold, you may want to consider the benefits of in-home air cleaning appliances.  There are several on the market, such as dehumidifiers and humidifiers that will help to clean up your indoor air quality. Or maybe your home is just a bit funky?… Read more Air Purifier Needed