No a/c allowed there

Over the Last long holiday weekend, I was over at our Grandparent’s house for a family event. Being that they are substantially older than myself, they tend to keep the heat on a little higher than most of us would prefer. However, when there are a lot of people in the house, the high heat… Read more No a/c allowed there

Where to put my zones?

I know it’s always a welcome change when a housing company is ready to work with the owner to make a home perfect for them. Some things, however, just should not be trusted to anyone without construction expertise! The Heating and A/C plan for a new home is no exception. See, when my mom purchased… Read more Where to put my zones?

Heating and air cleaning

My space furnace does a whole lot more than I had expected! When I first bought it for my house, it was solely for the safety and energy saving features. Yet, somehow in my weeks of research, I missed the whole part about the thing being a whole-house air purifier! To combat the cold in… Read more Heating and air cleaning

Glad to finally get a/c

There was a recent problem for sailors that were living in a barracks deep in the south. They were utilizing heat pumps in these barracks that were over 20 years of age, but while these cooling systems were designed to maintain around 70 degrees on the temperature control in the summer time months, the intense… Read more Glad to finally get a/c

school club and the a/c

This past year my child decided to sign up for chess club, then he has been going to chess club respectfully after university just about every other day. Well the other day he was telling us how the a/c quit working, and the chess club is absolutely in one of those outdoor classroom trailers. They… Read more school club and the a/c