Author: Sally

My parents didn’t teach me anything

I think people really overemphasize how wonderful it is to be “privileged” around here sometimes. There’s so much societal guilt for having things handed to you on a silver platter… but no one ever really talks about the fact that this can massively hold you back in life, too. For instance, when you get a […]

I wasn’t ready to make compromises

I tried many times to talk about the importance of my indoor comfort, but she never seemed to meet my expectations when it came to setting the thermostat. When people ask me what happened in my last relationship, I’m not sure what to tell them. I want to believe that it was a mutual problem […]

My uncle had the right idea

When my parents told me what life was about, I stupidly believed them. They always preached the importance of getting a good education, a good job, and a good home. They said that settling down and preparing for a long life leading to a miserable death was the proper way to conduct yourself. So I […]

I never thought about wear and tear

I guess I never once stopped and considered the life that I was born into until I finally began changing my perspective a few years ago. It turns out, there are a lot of ways to live besides the suburban drawl that seems to sink a lot of folks. days. You don’t have to buy […]