Author: Sally

My sister is off to college

She finally did it! I’m really proud of my big sister. She pushed herself really hard through high school to accomplish something that none of our family has ever done before, go to college. I really hope when I grow up I can accomplish the same thing. The whole family is extremely proud of her. […]

Dad isn't happy these days

I haven’t seen my dad for a few weeks now. My father has never been the happiest of people. He has anger issues and at his age of 72 I think it’s getting worse. Recently I decided he needed more care than what I can provide. So he now lives in senior living. I work […]

A vlog on whole home heating

A fireplace can be a welcome addition to a home to help with indoor comfort and ambiance. I love everything that has to do with new technology, but what I love more is breaking it down into simple layman’s language that is easy for everyone who watches my online videos to understand. In this video, […]

Finding the best price for a smart regulator

During one of those self-given breaks at work, one of my colleagues told me how she wanted to replace the analog temperature control system with a smart thermostat. With this, she could change the heat pump settings even from work through an application on her phone. She would even be able to key in reminders, […]

Repairing my grandma's heat pump

When my vacation break was approved, I decided to visit my grandma back in my hometown. My nana and I have a great relationship. She always gives me sound advice about life and how to thrive instead of survive. Her whole-home heating equipment had been having issues for a week, and finding a heating company […]