A Battery Powered Fan Was Crazy Expensive

My family enjoys to tailgate during the fall pigskin season.

  • My Grandparents have always been adamant about getting a great tailgate spot in front of the location & hosting all the people who wants to come.

Over the years we’ve improved our tailgate by adding unusual things to make it more comfortable… Recently, my Grandmother was adamant about purchasing a fan for the earlier games in the season since it can get so hot. She wanted something that was battery powered since she didn’t want to turn on her car to power something. My aunt found a fan online from the local hardware store & sent myself and others to go chance it up. When I got there, I found the portable fan however it didn’t come with the battery! The fan was several hundred dollars & then the battery to power it was another hundred dollars. To make things even more crazy, the charger for the battery also needed to be bought separately! I called my Grandmother & told her that this fan was going to cost almost a thoUSAnd dollars just for the attachments, although she was adamant about getting it. When we put it together, we used it & were underwhelmed. It was just another portable fan however it could run out of battery. That was it. To us, that was not worth the price tag so we didn’t hesitate to return it. For a fraction of the price we could purchase a easy fan & run the car to power it. We’re not sure who in their right minds would spend that kind of money on a fan just because it was battery powered.

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