He got ductless a/c

My son recently just truly graduated from school. He was truly going to be attending school soon and he wanted to have a nice special celebration with his friends before they truly went off to school. He wanted to absolutely have a cool dance party in our garage. He used to truly practice with his… Read more He got ductless a/c

allergy issues and my son

My six-year-old daughter, Hayley, suffers from extreme allergy troubles.  She is often curled up miserably in bed because of headaches, congestion, sore throat, and itchy eyes.  I’ve taken her to several specialists and tried all sorts of remedies.  I have done everything possible to improve her quality of life.  Because we live in an part… Read more allergy issues and my son

Dust from our furnace system

I have actually heated our dining room with a compact, ventless gas furnace for the last 8 years.  Although the ancient ventless gas furnace is not truly ideal, the dining room is difficult to heat because there is actually no duct system.  Living in the colder, northern section of the country, I deal with really… Read more Dust from our furnace system

Heating system let us down

My buddy Brian’s beach house isn’t definitely that bad. Yeah, Brain moved in over 13 years ago, but the beach house was modern at that time. Still, it seems as if it was only last year that he moved in and all of us followed the house inspector around the place! Brian’s beach house is… Read more Heating system let us down