The fireplace installation

All of us finally made the decision to make a few improvements to our home. We waited a really long time to re-graveled our driveway. After many years of cold plus thawing out, it was time to fill in the ruts that settled in permanently. All of us hired an acquaintance who works with stones,… Read more The fireplace installation

He had to replace the HVAC

My sister Nina is a stubborn lady. Nina does not think in replacing anything without repairing it one or two times first.  Nine thinks that we live in a society that believes in replacing everything before you come across the slightest problem.  I agree with Nina to a particular time.  Last week, Nina’s heating component… Read more He had to replace the HVAC

Wishing for a cooling system

I am happy that I live in an section with decent Summers. The biggest part of the year, Molly and I experience comfortable rising temperatures. In the Spring and Summer, Molly and I rarely go over 72 degrees, and in the early cool and cold seasons, the temperature doesn’t drop below 30 degrees. I know… Read more Wishing for a cooling system

AC after the game

Tara joined the cheerleading team in the start of her high school. Being a stay-at-home mom has allowed me to see all her dances as well as events. I remember her first year on the squad just like it was the other day. I could walk in as well as find her right out. My… Read more AC after the game

Our church cooling set up

Last month, I stayed with my parents, at their house, for a long weekend. I went to church with them on Sunday. It’s the church we attended while I was growing up.  I was excited to go back. It’s a truly beautiful building.  It was originally constructed in the 1890s. Unfortunately, I believe that nothing… Read more Our church cooling set up

Camping and the heater

My wife, Amy I decided to go camping last Winter.  We both like to experience nature. Camping might not be the right word for it, since we stayed in a log cabin in the woods. While it was way better than a tent, equipped with running water and beds, the temperature was not ideal. There… Read more Camping and the heater