A broken furnace ruined my day

Thursdays, you got to love them! Actually, you don’t, however it is the 1st day of the work week for me.

This day I woke up to a cold house and didn’t understand why my roommate Max didn’t turn the thermostat up to 73 degrees adore has done in the past.

Max gets up usually an hour or so before I do so he knows that I adore it a little warmer when I wake up. Max and I both prefer the coolness of the night to sleep however I really need that warmth to get out of bed. I can only believe that Max forgot since my associate and I both were up so late last night enjoying a movie. I told Max he should’ve gone to bed and my associate and I could’ve finished it today however nope, Max wanted to finish it. Regardless, now I have to deal with the cool hot and cold temperatures of our house. So I looked at the dial thermostat and it was set to 73 degrees. Now I’m feeling puzzled. I believe he did turn up the heat however it’s actually not 73 degrees in this house. The house temperature readings say 62 degrees and I think something is wrong. I didn’t particularly want to do it, however I constantly love excuses to get out of toil so I called the Heating and Air Conditioning business. They told me they have a little availability in a few hours and I’ll see a heating specialist then. I was so glad they were able to move so fast on this. I would hate to wake up again tomorrow evening with the same issue. The heating specialist showed up a few hours later and examined our Heating and Air Conditioning system. He said, “that the furnace is dead and when was the last time the air filters were changed?” Disappointed, I asked, “what’s the disfigurement?”


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