A close call

We have a lot of bad storm here throughout the year.

The summer being the worst.

That time of the year, you have tornados, hurricanes and more. Had a real close call last summer. We had this really bad hurricane and during it, the big tree in my backyard got ripped down. It came crashing hard and just missed my central heating and air conditioning system by a few inches! I can say it was a super close call and somewhat of a miracle that my central heating and air conditioning system did not get demolished! And that is exactly what would have happened if the tree fell just a few inches to the right. The weight of this tree would have destroyed the central heating and air conditioning unit. And the worst part is, I have no kind of HVAC insurance or heating and air conditioning service plan to protect against things like this. So it would have meant me having to get a loan from the bank to invest in a brand new and very expensive central heating and air conditioning system unit! That would not have been good in the slightest. After this happened though, I called around to assorted heat and a/c companies in my local area to see who had the most cost efficient heat and a/c service plan that would cover protection on my central HVAC unit in the event a natural disaster like a storm killed it. And lucky for me, I found one. It cost five hundred dollars per year. But that is well worth it just for the HVAC protection.

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