A good day in the life of an air conditioning supplier

I could say that I had scored big when I got a job as an a/c representative with the local air conditioning company. The company had opened a new branch in another town and needed someone to man the store. My supervisor suggested I like a good candidate to manage the operations of the store. I had been with the company for at least five years and had learned a whole lot of stuff. I remember doing my first ever air conditioning installation. The supervisor of the a/c workers had guided me through each step of the installation process, later he requested that I share the a/c care plan with the customer and also explain what they needed to do to maintain the optimal function of an air conditioner. There was a lot that customers could do to promote a/c care and when they found out the minute stuff they could do, they were happy that they could help keep up the a/c service. When I was promoted, the only thing my supervisor told me was to take customers seriously and do whatever it takes to make sure they are satisfied. I was assigned a team of a/c repair specialists. A good day at work was when I could help all the customers that came to the air conditioning supplier store. I had a customer come to the air conditioning business complaining about the poor air quality and issues with their system. Further examination of the system revealed that the customer needed new air conditioning as running an air conditioning maintenance could not have helped. Each day was different and I had to solve different types of problems.

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