A Great Deal on a New HVAC System

My husband and I have known that we needed to replace our HVAC system for over a year now.

Both the furnace and the air conditioner still heat and cool our home, which is why we’ve never had the HVAC system replaced.

If the heat and air conditioning stopped working, we’d be forced to buy a new HVAC system right away so that we could continue to live comfortably. Although the heat and air are still running in the house, we knew that it was time to finally invest in a new HVAC system due to our utility bills. Every month for the past year, we’ve watched our energy consumption rise. The utility company that we use always sends us a breakdown of what’s consuming the most energy, which is really helpful when deciding how to save money. Our HVAC system was consuming so much energy that it didn’t make sense to keep it. We were paying more long term to run our heat and air compared to buying a new HVAC system altogether. Knowing this, we met with the local HVAC company in order to get a free estimate. The HVAC company told us about a lot of great options, but one stuck out to us the most. If we purchased a high efficiency HVAC system, a free smart thermostat would be included! We knew we wanted an HVAC system that ran efficiently and we also knew that we wanted a smart thermostat, so it made sense to go with that option.

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