A new current job is going to be amazing

I legit think that our current job at our local Heating and A/C supplier is going to be a perfect fit for me… After I am finally allowed to get started on working by myself on housecalls, I think that I am legit going to prefer it. I have been training to do repairs on heating & cooling systems for weeks now & finally, I will be able to do an HVAC replacement on our own next week. It feels like it has taken myself and others forever to get to this stage, though. I have been dreaming of becoming an Heating and A/C supplier from the time I was about fifteen years old. When I graduated from middle school, I did not have long to stop & wonder what I wanted to do next. The first thing I wanted to do was go to our local technical trade school & get our Heating and A/C certification done. I knew this for a fact, so I did not have to waste any more time. I signed up for the heating & cooling classes immediately, & by the next fall, I was in the classes & well on our way. I aced all those classes & gained our official Heating and A/C certification as abruptly as I could, & after that I started working for a local Heating and A/C supplier here in town. I went with the 1st guys who would hire myself and others so I could get all of the experience that I could. I have legit been passionate it so far, but at this Heating and A/C supplier you have to work with some of their guys for a long time before they will split you loose on their clients, so to speak… Now I am almost 100% ready & I can’t wait for the afternoon when they tell myself and others that I can go out on our own to service our heating & cooling clients.

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