A spa afternoon for my HVAC tech husband.

When I called my husband around lunchtime, we talked a bit, and then he told me he would be having a spa day or, rather, in his case, a spa afternoon.

That man loves a good foot massage, but a spa? I even started laughing when I pictured him with a green face mask.

I had to end the call when a customer came in, so I did not find out what it was all about until later in the evening. Kai works at the heating dealership as an HVAC tech. That day they got a call from the spa for heating repair and heater maintenance for their boiler. The issue with the electric heating system had come up just a day before their scheduled HVAC service plan. Kai and his colleagues were the ones who had done the furnace/heater installation for the spa, and from then on, they had formed a good business relationship with their company. They contacted them for all their heating industry-related needs, such as new furnace filters to replace the dirty ones every three months. They had also asked for various heat and AC products that they could use to improve indoor comfort for their new branch, and when they heard all about heated floors, their search for a heater was over. They were still gushing over their wireless thermostat months . after it had been installed. I told him that I was sure if they had offered a complimentary foot massage or a face scrub, he would have been very excited to take a seat and be pampered for an hour or so and forget all about work. That brought memories of when our daughter painted his toes pink when he was asleep.
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