A stupid fight

Last night my partner and I had the dumbest fight that led to myself and others sleeping on the couch.

I guess you could say it was my fault, and if I was a betting guy I would say everyone would take my partner’s side on this.

In the region of the country where all of us live all of us are currently dealing with a crucial heat wave. We live in an old country beach house that does not have a central air conditioner idea so all of us usually rely on the windows being open and the natural breeze to keep us cool, but since this heatwave had been so brutal my partner was insistent that all of us head over to the Heating and Air Conditioning shop so all of us could at least get a mini portable Heating and Air Conditioning idea for our study room. My neighbor Eric still works at the one in village and he was particular that he would be willing to cut us a deal considering the weather all of us were dealing with, however, being the stubborn guy that I am, I told his that a fan sitting in front of a basket of ice cubes would labor just as well if not better than any expensive mini portable air conditioner unit. I even bet his a hundred bucks on it. Well, this fight went on and on and eventually I ended up sleeping on the couch where it was so warm I am currently on my way to chance up our brand current mini portable Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Take it from myself and others ladies and gentlemen, constantly listen to your partner when it comes to all air conditioner matters!


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