A super long day

Yesterday I had the longest day at work! I labor for a local heating plus a/c company plus today I agreed to labor a long 12 hour day because they needed extra help.

It was something I ended up genuinely regretting after I committed to it.

I do not know I have ever in my life done so much heating plus a/c labor in a single day before. I did an Heating plus Air Conditioning upgrade job plus a heating plus a/c proposal repair job back to back right before I had my lunch break. I had never done something like that before! Then after lunch it was onto various more heating plus a/c repair jobs. By the end of the day I was so wiped out I thought I was surely going to die. I got a real wonderful night rest plus then the next day I was right back to labor at the wonderful seasoned heating plus a/c corporation. It was a genuinely difficult week. But after the weekend I will be able to fully recover from all of this plus then be back to normal. One thing is for particular though, plus that is I will never end up agreeing to labor those kind of hours ever again at the local heating plus a/c company where I labor at. It is way too much for me to be able to handle in my middle ages here. When I was young, it would have been a weird story all together.


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