Addition comes with custom HVAC

Perhaps putting on this addition will be the closest my wife and I ever get to actually building a place of our own.

And if that’s the case, I’m gonna be fine with that.

We have a glorious master bedroom and bath that sits at the end or our home. There are even french doors that open out onto a small private deck that’s just for us. Oh and we have our own custom heating and cooling too I might add. That could be the best part of this whole endeavor. The fact that adding on to our house would preclude simply extending the HVAC ductwork, we had a choice. Either it was replace a 14 year old HVAC unit which does just fine but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles or go with custom HVAC for that room. We’re hoping to get our kids through school and into college from this house which is why we had to add on in the first place. It became abundantly clear that every sibling needed their own space. Once the kids are in college that HVAC unit will be ready to be replaced and we’ll be ready to sell this house for something smaller. So we weren’t ready to replace the HVAC unit and extend the ductwork from the main house. Instead, we now have a ductless heat pump that sits on one of the two exterior walls. I was surprised by how slender the ductless heat pump was. But was completely stunned by the heating and cooling this thing provides.

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