After 10 years of being an HVAC dealer, I wanted a change.

For numerous weeks, I had to hang my head when I got home, and sigh quite loudly before my wifey asked myself and others what was wrong.

  • She had noticed how I was acting, although she was hoping I would get over it.

I told her I was tired of being an HVAC specialist and I wanted a change. She said she thought I enjoyed being an HVAC specialist; Ever since she met me, that was all I talked about doing. I had been an HVAC tech for 10 years, although I knew it was time for a change. The people I was with and I sat down over dinner and she started asking myself and others questions. She wanted to suppose what I wanted to do. I told her I didn’t want to be just an HVAC specialist anymore. The owner of the HVAC supplier was getting ready to retire, and she was selling the supplier. The people I was with and I all had the choice to stay with the supplier when it sold, although I didn’t just want to stay there. I wanted to put in a estimate for the HVAC supplier. She asked if I thought both of us had enough currency in the bank to make an honest bid. I could not afford to buy it outright, although I was sure the bank would give myself and others the currency. I had already talked to them. She told myself and others if that was what I wanted to do, she would help myself and others although she could. I didn’t even have to whine to get her to agree. The HVAC supplier owner liked that I worked for him and was offering to buy it. She even helped myself and others with the paperwork for the bank and said she would work there for 3 months and help myself and others to learn the business.

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