Air con systems and plants

The other day I was taking a wander through the office building where my neighbor worked and I noticed something odd.

This building had lush very green plants of numerous sizes decorating the lobby.

I am a plant lover, so I was fascinated by the resilience and beauty in the face of the a/c. I was wondering if the Heating and Air Conditioning system would be harmful to the indoor plants, so I wanted to talk to the lady at the front desk. The lady gave me a friendly grin and pointed to a man in a yellow uniform who was fixing the a/c on the other side of the main floor. I approached the man and introduced myself and I asked him and he smiled and said this is a proper question. He said that indoor plants require ideal conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, and air quality in order to thrive. He went into detail about how Heating and Air Conditioning systems are used to regulate temperature and humidity for the benefit of plant growth and health. Also, he mentioned that plants would be healthier if they are exposed to cleaner air thanks to the Heating and Air Conditioning system’s filtration of harmful pollutants. In addition, plants benefit from photosynthesis and general growth when they have enough oxygen thanks to nice ventilation and air circulation. The connection between temperature control and plant development indoors was a fascinating discovery for me. It’s remarkable how technology can help nature thrive, resulting in a healthier indoor environment. I started looking at the plants around me and I couldn’t help but notice how well they were doing, thanks to the Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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