Air filtration is everything!

I dislike making sweeping statements because they tend to come back to haunt me.

Sometimes, I can overstate something as being miraculous when it truly isn’t.

That’s why I hesitate when describing how much better our indoor air is thanks to purification, but I love the air inside my home now! That hasn’t been the case for a long time. I didn’t realize our home had problems. It smelled bad; it was a case of stinky airborne aromas. This happens when you have a home full of two boys, dogs, and a cat, along with other problems. Our HVAC equipment simply circulated those smells. This doesn’t even begin to get to the health angle of crisp, clean indoor air, which is what finally sold my wife on an air purification system. For me, the issue was the odors. There was nothing I could do to stop them, come even close to eliminating them! At the risk of carrying on with my sentiments, air purification changed my life, and I’m grateful to have an air purification system.

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