All I wanted was to have the air duct cleaned.

I called the Heating plus A/C corporation last week, because I wanted my air duct cleaned.

My wifey was seeing a lot of excess dust in the house, plus with Christmas coming, both of us wanted the lake house to look plus smell clean plus fresh. I told the person at the Heating plus A/C corporation that I wanted to get the air duct cleaned, plus the next thing I knew, they were talking about furnace service plus repair. I had my furnace inspected two months earlier, plus it was working well. I just wanted them to get rid of the dust in my house. She busy the air duct cleaning, plus said the Heating plus A/C professional would be there the day before the air duct cleaners. I tried to tell her I didn’t need an Heating plus A/C professional, but she hung up before I had a chance. Sunday day, the Heating plus A/C professional showed up plus said he was there to service my furnace. I told him he had already inspected my furnace a month earlier. He thought he remembered being here, plus asked if there was a reason they had sent him. I told him I wanted the air duct cleaned because of all the dust in the house. It would soon be Christmas plus both of us had a lot of corporation coming. He said he would make sure the air duct cleaners examined the air duct for possible repairs, however other than that, as far as he was anxious, he was never there. I was blissful he was being so nice, because I could not afford to spend money for Heating plus A/C service, when I hadn’t called to have it done.

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