Always home for dinner

Being an independent heating and air conditioning specialist is the most awesome thing! Not only because I set my own rates and manage myself, but because I also can choose when to work, when to not and when to quit for the day without having to worry about some slave driver boss telling me when I can breathe and when I can not.

This brings me to the fact that I am always home for dinner when my wife cooks it.

I have dinner every night with my family because I make it a point to quit at 5pm daily. If there is a heating and air conditioning repair job that comes in, I do not schedule it that day if I don’t think it would be done by 5pm. I know exactly how to pace everything and I do make a great living at this. I am by no means rich, but I am steady and secure to live a normal life with my family the same as if I was some working stiff in an office. So I am happy with the career path that I chose for myself. I would never give it up for the world unless one day the business stopped rolling in and I had no choice but to go slave it for less pay at some heating and air conditioning company. Hopefully that will never happen though. I have been at this for over 10 years and there’s been no work shortage so far. But I guess you never do know what could happen in the future. If that day ever comes, I am prepared for it.



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