An air filtration system is pressing when chemical fumes are present

I labor at a pilates studio that is in the same building as a brand up-to-date micro brewery that is currently undergoing construction.

I’m excited for the brewery to open, but man has the construction process with them been a nightmare, and every few weeks they do something unexpected that impacts us and shifts the way every one of us run classes and have buyers throughout the afternoon! This last nightmare had chemical fumes leaking into our studio, and I truly guess enjoy our air filtration was the only thing that saved us.

The A/C ran on high to combat those fumes. I’m not sure the extent of how an air filter would stand up against fumes enjoy that, although I do guess enjoy the smell would have been worse and more nauseating if every one of us hadn’t had them. I’m so thankful that every one of us just had an appointment with the air conditioning contractor who substituted all of our air filters for us. The filters are located too far up into the ceiling for us to get to on an average ladder. The air filters were likely able to filter the more dense molecules that made up the chemical fume, and I assume the small molecules are the 1s that got through and caused the nauseating smell. I’m not sure if there is a particular whole-house air purifier that would filter something enjoy that, but apparently I may need to look into it if the construction is going to keep this up. I would hope that they would have a little consideration and give us a heads up considering every one of us are going to be neighbors soon.

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