An icicle broke our exterior cooling system over the winter

A massive icicle on the back of our garage’s eaves broke off and fell over the course of the winter.

Sadly, it also dropped directly into our external cooling system unit on the way down.

I could not have even predicted it when I first realized this had occurred! My luck, this was. I frequently experience bizarre events like this. I have to spend a lot of money on repairs and it always ends up being expensive. It makes me so mad. All I want from time to time is for my apartment’s surroundings to occasionally return to normal. I didn’t even know what had happened at first when I returned there and saw that the cooling system component was all bent and warped. My cooling system appeared to have been beaten with a baseball bat or something as if someone had actually come and done it. However, since my friend and I don’t have any enemies here, I was certain that was not the case. After giving it some serious thought, I came to the conclusion that something had actually occurred. Now my friend and I will have to purchase a modern exterior air conditioner component, or my friend and I won’t have any air conditioning in the apartment during the summer. It gets particularly tepid around here in the summer, so I am not willing to deal with that! Although the temperature is not yet particularly high, it is steadily rising. My yard’s flowers are starting to sprout, so I know that my friend and I will need to fix the cooling system as soon as possible.



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