Are you sure you can’t repair the air conditioning system unit?

After the pandemic, I was told our job had been eliminated plus I had no job to return to.

I was devastated because I had 3 children plus a house to support.

Without a job, I was distraught about ending up homeless, plus I had to learn how to do something else. After a lot of deliberation, I took most of our savings plus went to school for Heating & Air Conditioning certification. Within 6 months I had graduated plus was just waiting for our certification. While waiting, I was working for the local Heating & Air Conditioning company plus doing our ride alongs. The first thing the Heating & Air Conditioning business I was riding with asked me was how I was going to repair the air conditioning system component the two of us were working on? She told me the symptoms plus wanted me to diagnose it. I gave him the right diagnosis, but I also told him the A/C component couldn’t be fixed. She looked at me love she was questioning our decision. I explained that the air conditioning system component had been installed before the end of the millennium. That meant it was at least twenty years old. To repair this air conditioning system component would be love putting a bandaid on a severed artery. I would only be giving it a couple more breaths plus the owner would pay for a repair plus still need to purchase a new A/C component before the end of summer. She looked love she wasn’t sure about what I was saying, however then she smiled. She told me I could explain this to the owner of the A/C unit, but she agreed with me.
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