Attempting to explain the air conditioning care system to our nana

I had traveled to another state to visit our nana.

My nana and I had a unquestionably great relationship.

She had raised me for the first 5 years of our life when our parents were completing their education. My parents got me when they were still in school and when I was born, they both decided to first finish school. Nana and I had constantly been super close. I would call her a few times every month to tell her about our day. Nana listened to it all, the complaints, the plan, the excitement, and the tears, however during summer time break, I decided to go see her for a couple of days. I would also take this opportunity and help with her troublesome a/c. This component should be on optimal function as it was still a fairly up-to-date air conditioning system. The a/c installation had been done numerous years ago by unquestionably qualified air conditioning workers from the local air conditioning company. When I examined the system, I established that the reason the air quality was bad was due to dirty filters. According to the air conditioning maintenance requirements filters are constantly changed to maintain official indoor comfort. The air conditioning company managed to deliver a dozen high-quality filters. There were steps to replace the filters in the air conditioning care system that nana had earned from the air conditioning representative from the air conditioning dealer downtown. I explained to nana the requirements of the air conditioning service and the importance of running correct air conditioning care and air conditioning repair. I tried explaining each tip on the system as easy as I could to Nana so she could be self-sufficient.
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