Losing heating quite recently

When the heating unit failed on myself and others recently, I was entirely cursing myself, then i knew I should have gotten that Heating and A/C unit tune-up before the Winter season arrived! Well, I was lucky when I called the Heating as well as A/C supplier because they weren’t incredibly busy during that time… Read more Losing heating quite recently

Christmas fireplace

Out of all the countless times for something to go wrong, both of us experienced a major Heating plus A/C unit failure on Thanksgiving morning! The great news was that all the presents were already under the tree plus the stockings were filled. The cookies that were left for “Santa Claus” were already eaten, however… Read more Christmas fireplace

Living without a/c

I don’t want to show how old I am, but my formative childhood years were in the late 71s, when in numerous ways America was a totally different location than it is today, and my outdated man was a math professor for a middle school, and there is no way he could have been making… Read more Living without a/c

I don’t control the a/c

Have you wondered how your heating and cooling usage compares to that of your neighbors?  Nearly everyone seems to have a different temperature setting at the control unit, no matter the season.  But I wonder what the best control component setting should be, for different seasons. Most people, my family included, utilize the a/c all… Read more I don’t control the a/c

New life with no HVAC

I imagine that I can find that I have a recognizable issue with thinking “big picture” in our life, i tend to get wrapped up in minor details, and then forget to take inventory of what I have more generally, and also what I want for myself for the future. Rather than having a realistic… Read more New life with no HVAC


Until it stopped working, I never unquestionably knew how much I relied on my range hood… In the past, I had never spent too much time in the dining room, but lately I have taken an interest in cooking shows. So I have been trying to replicate some of the recipes. I unquestionably find it… Read more V in HVAC