need an air cleaner

Because my family and I reside in a big tourist destination, my family and I have many unusual sites that will hold thousands of people. These places host everything from big conventions to holiday on ice shows in addition to even music concerts. I recently had an invitation to go there for an event in… Read more need an air cleaner

Giving my a/c a break

Well, all of us have now respectfully have just entered the wonderful Fall season. I do believe fall is all the people’s number one time of year here. it seems like all the people enjoy all of the fall colors, Thanksgiving, and that pumpkin spice latte all the people are constantly talking about. Well, I… Read more Giving my a/c a break

Southern cooling system

I live in the southeast now. I have lived in the southeast since I was a young child and our mother had moved all the men here from the northeast. It was a sizable change for all of us too, but not as much for myself and others since I was so incredibly young. Anyway,… Read more Southern cooling system

My pals and HVAC tips

Some of my friends have asked everyone of us about their heating as well as air conditioning systems. Every one of us do not experience problems with the heating as well as air conditioning system. Our friends have described a bunch of problems with their system, but every one of us have no idea what… Read more My pals and HVAC tips

Quality of air to take in

Quality of air is really important to people- take it from someone who knows! My wedding was supposed to be perfect! My wedding was supposed to be the perfect combination of regal and down to earth. I picked out every color and grew excited over every centerpiece. I am so detail-oriented that when I saw… Read more Quality of air to take in

Broken a/c not worth it

Soon after moving into my new townhouse I developed the biggest crush on the property manager. I don’t crush easy, but when I do they are a powerful thing. The first few weeks I didn’t have to work very hard on getting him into the apartment, there always seemed to be something that we needed… Read more Broken a/c not worth it