No AC in the cabin

My family owns a piece of land way up in the hills. This is deep woods territory, so deep the only road up that way is a one lane dirt road, and even that stops a good half mile away from the property. After parking, and trekking up the cabin, you are rewarded with the… Read more No AC in the cabin

Cheap Repair

My husband likes to save money wherever possible.  He saves money on groceries, home repairs, furniture, and so on.  I rarely ever see him pay full price for something. He always has a coupon or finds a sale.  I appreciate his thriftiness, but it can be a bit much. Last year, I had it with… Read more Cheap Repair


Having a new fancy car is nice, but the more important aspect of owning a car is its features.  It’s nice if your car can go fast, but I think it’s better if your car has state of the art sensors.  Leather seats look great, but it’s better to have heating and cooling seats. It… Read more Car HVAC