Dust in the HVAC system

I am on our sibling’s case because it seems he never listens to me, and everytime I go over to his home to visit, I notice that the air quality is gross. When the air quality is gross I know that he is not getting his official Heating and Air Conditioning system maintenanced by an… Read more Dust in the HVAC system

Dump has a lot of a/c

      Rebuilding a car with my dad was something truly exciting. When I turned 16, I got my license, and I had some money saved from a part time task. My parents offered to double my savings for a car purchase. I found a seasoned Dodge with a lot of miles. It was in nice… Read more Dump has a lot of a/c

Want the customers happy

Periodically it’s hard to be the person to give bad news, it happens a lot in my profession. I work for a HVAC repair company, but we service many unusual types of heating components, but we specialize in gas furnace, boiler, and heat pump repair and installation. The company has been in business for many… Read more Want the customers happy

They took the HVAC parts

A couple years ago, my wife and I had a mysterious break-in. We live in the middle of nowhere, and our closest neighbor is many away. Our property is large and sprawling, and our house is near the back of the property! In the middle of the night or even the day, it’s tough to… Read more They took the HVAC parts

The HVAC hardly works

I live in one of those towns where everyone is laid back and dull.  No one does anything unless they are absolutely ready to do it. I mean, people do go to their jobs, but when they are home, it is like everyone is listless.  I think they are all bored because of the area… Read more The HVAC hardly works