The heater is so great

When I was a small child, my grandmother had a very old boiler system applied in her basement. That outdated boiler was fiercely gigantic, scary, and required a substantial amount of maintenance. Every day, my grandmother had to walk down the long flight of stairs, switch a valve and fill a boiler with water. The… Read more The heater is so great

What happened to my heater?

Year after year, my wife and I take a trip to the coast during the cold winter months of the year. Given that we aren’t really the young chickens we were in the past, all the effects and complications of the frigid weather in this particular native part of the world were enough motivation for… Read more What happened to my heater?

Forcing myself to stay

It seems to me that when you visit any tourist city in the South, they all have ghost tours that take you through the historic residential areas and point out all the houses that have great haunting stories behind them. One can imagine my surprise, when after moving into such a house, I was sweeping… Read more Forcing myself to stay

Living very comfortable

I travel extensively for business and have seen many things that most people won’t have the ability to see. I never get tired of it really, and often become interested in things most people would never notice. In Europe, they don’t find it necessary to splurge on a cooling system when they can open their… Read more Living very comfortable

This guy is so happy

I work in a daycare, watching four and five-year olds. They are absolutely adorable, and are constantly doing things to make me laugh. I really love my job, and plan of doing it for the rest of my life. The daycare is in an old building, along with a couple of stores, in a quiet… Read more This guy is so happy