Needing a good space heater

You never know, that’s my saying in life! I tell people my motto, and they always expect there to be more, however there just isn’t. If there is a single thing I have figured out about life, is that you never know. You never know what’s coming, you never know what people are truly like,… Read more Needing a good space heater

HVAC system check up

It was lovely to finally hear the sound of birds outside. This is how I knew it was finally Spring! All of us had experienced the most wild Winter of all time. It was such unusual weather! It undoubtedly put our HVAC plan through hell, that’s for sure. We would have to keep increasing the… Read more HVAC system check up

Heated floors in our home

There are few things more precious in this world than little old women, and i just think they are the cutest things on earth, with their thin white hair,  wrinkles, and fancy little outfits. I truly love to visit the old folks home and dote over the tiny Grandmas shuffling around and complaining about everything… Read more Heated floors in our home