AC can cool off our food

The end of the semester means a lot of excited children plus a lot of parents dreading the break. Sure, several families prefer the time off to go on overpriced getaways and such however with our girls it’s more like a never ending wrestling match.  I have 3 girls between the ages of 7 and… Read more AC can cool off our food

Air conditioner covered in mold

I had to take my mother for an appointment last week for some testing.  I wasn’t really looking forward to the day because driving with her can be difficult.  Both of us had to drive almost forty-five minutes and trying to make conversation gets downright frustrating.  You see, she has a failing memory plus occasionally… Read more Air conditioner covered in mold

stingy on the HVAC

I used to work in a retail store, and I had a lot of fun, but it was really stressful.  Now I am working in an office in my home, and I am loving it. I have air conditioning and heating at all times, and I can take breaks whenever I like and for as… Read more stingy on the HVAC

Air quality and the heater

Heat and humidity is a major factor when it comes to how well your Air Conditioning unit functions.  There are many reasons why your AC may not be produced the amount of cooling that you want. One of them could be the age of your air conditioning.  If the unit is fairly new, then the… Read more Air quality and the heater

Burning all our heating oil

My rental property has been a single disaster after another. One of the more major disasters happened last fall as the injector pump on the bathroom in the basement level living area section went! All of us had to call plumbers in immediately to deal with the mess, it was just awful.  They told us… Read more Burning all our heating oil

Outdoor sports inside

To me, basketball is the greatest American game. There is such a big history in the sport that legitimately seems to tie people in to the game. I travel frequently for my job, so during the respected season I try to see a local basketball game anytime I can. It doesn’t matter to myself and… Read more Outdoor sports inside

AC filter was dirty

Sometimes the littlest things can make the huge difference, so you remember that old story about the mouse and the lion? The lion is bigger, meaner, far more dangerous, and yet when it got a thorn in its paw it was almost helpless against the problem. The little mouse ended up making a very immense… Read more AC filter was dirty