Ancient thermostat type

Once I moved to the tropical south, I discovered that the heat was so intense, that our HVAC unit worked non-stop, but on days when I came in from doing yard work, I selfishly enjoyed turning the HVAC equipment to 74. As the seasons passed, as well as our overindulgent A/C practice continued, I failed… Read more Ancient thermostat type

The HVAC is all efficient

I got a home last year with these old style windows in it. I love them because of the nostalgia. I grew up with windows just like them and having them in our current house brings back good memories, the disappointing thing I hate about jalousie windows is that they are terribly inefficient when it… Read more The HVAC is all efficient

the bus heating unit

Back when I was in high school, I think the single worst thing was riding the bus. I have never even rode on a bus ever since I graduated from high school because I just can’t stand being on them. I dread the thought of waiting on the school bus and being stuck outside in… Read more the bus heating unit

Choosing the a/c plan

When I was a younger student, I didn’t make the best decisions. I absolutely slacked off in school and wasn’t interested at all in what the teachers tried to teach all the other people. This absolutely showed in grades and test scores as I would skip out on our homework and didn’t do so well… Read more Choosing the a/c plan

Working and needing cooling

If I had to grade my own school instructors, they wouldn’t rank entirely  well. First of all, all the teachers have strange and weird climate control setting preferences. I will go from one class having to wear my coat, to having to whip it off fast because it’s too hot in the next class with… Read more Working and needing cooling

Duct free HVAC in the home

I want to buy my wife, Marie, a ductless mini split for Christmas this year. Marie works totally from home.  She often complains about the Heating and cooling. The HVAC system in the house is just not sufficiently powerful to keep her  office comfortable. We don’t have a duct system to move the Heated and… Read more Duct free HVAC in the home

Picking out a good boiler

I am the new superintendent for a primary, middle and high school in the north. Being superintendent adds up to a lot of tasks for the management of the school. I always have to handle projects that are a little beyond my expertise. I handle busing, budget, staffing, scheduling and any classroom related troubles. The… Read more Picking out a good boiler

Might lose heating power

The latest weather forecast is serious. Many people are scrambling to prepare for the incoming Wintertime storm.  They are calling for cold rain and at least a foot of snow. I only hope that we don’t lose power. Whenever there is ice in the mix there is typically the option that the power lines will… Read more Might lose heating power