the older HVAC business

Down on Route 42, there is a seriously old university building. The building has been there for at least 140 years, however I’ve resided here for 40 years, plus it has been vacant the whole time I’ve lived here. The last time the building was used, was during the first world war. It’s consistently been… Read more the older HVAC business

Busted gas heating system

Periodically in life it feels like everything goes wrong.  And then you need to figure out some way to manage. Like when my motor car broke down, I had to take the dang bus for a week and i am not one of those middle-class elitists.  But public transportation was genuinely rough on the senses.… Read more Busted gas heating system

A huge HVAC error

I made the worst mistake ever, & I am definitely going to have to pay for it. For the longest period of time my partner has been warning me that the people I was with and I need to get our Heating & A/C equipment repair. Unfortunately, I just let it go because I felt… Read more A huge HVAC error

My energy bills are so high

Every one of us finally reached that dreaded moment when our Heating plus A/C equipment entirely failed on us. When the people I was with and I contacted the Heating plus A/C corporation for help, the Heating plus A/C equipment professional stated that the Heating plus A/C equipment was easily done for… The equipment was… Read more My energy bills are so high

Need new HVAC filters

The other day, I ran into my neighbor. He basically flagged me to come over to the fence & started talking to me about the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment workers consistently coming to my property. He asked if it was genuinely vital to call for Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance as often as I… Read more Need new HVAC filters

Banquet with no heating

Have you ever stayed inside a hotel where the indoor air conditions were poor? I have! Last fall, I went up to this convention with about one hundred other women from our workplace. It was just supposed to be a fun, team-building getaway, you recognize this type – fun dinners, karaoke, comedic awards shows, prizes… Read more Banquet with no heating

HVAC equipment when we fly

My Dad went to into the air force, after he graduated from the military academy. While he was in the air force, he basically learned how to pilot many peculiar types of planes. He piloted helicopters, bomber jets, and even commercial planes. Flying became his main passion, and he started to buy old beat up… Read more HVAC equipment when we fly

The kid cooling device

When I was a child I got stuck housing the property air conditioning system! My parents had a single sizable window air conditioning unit. The air conditioning equipment was used to cool the entire property. The property was not honestly sizable and the A/C device was extremely powerful. Regrettably my room was centrally located in… Read more The kid cooling device