What a day

The other day was something else. I was just going to work as usual, but the building was extremely overheated. I was feeling hesitant about even working that day because of the intense heat. I was thinking that I would just ask my boss if I could leave for the day since it was so… Read more What a day

Crazy Ex

Recently, I was invited to this party at a friend’s place. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go but my friends insisted that I go. I had been single lately as I couldn’t make any relationships work. I was quite upset about my last relationship, when my girlfriend actually broke my A/C unit.… Read more Crazy Ex

Cooler for Christmas

I received a notification from my dad the other day, to be on the lookout for the Christmas gift he sent. This was weird because he normally just sends a giftcard or floral arrangement. He said that we needed to be home when it arrived so that it wouldn’t be damaged by being left outside.… Read more Cooler for Christmas

Melting ice disaster

As I sit in my office I am watching the ice and snow melt quickly out the window. Today we are having temperatures in the forties. I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination because after living through two straight weeks of below freezing I will take any weather at this point. The only… Read more Melting ice disaster

Painting and needed a/c

My family lives in an older home that had been remodeled prior to us purchasing it.  However,  over the last couple of years the exterior paint had started to peel off.  Needless to say, I did not want to spend money to have someone come to paint the house for us.  There weren’t but a… Read more Painting and needed a/c