Cooling system repair

If you do your research to track down a new heating and cooling system, you’ll inevitably run across the ductless mini-split system. This is a very powerful little system, designed to supply heating and cooling solutions to a small home, or even to a great big room like a garage. Ductless mini-split systems rarely have… Read more Cooling system repair

Time to get the ac cleaned

For the most part, I honestly like living in the south. But the weather can be brutally hot sometimes. We have beautiful landscapes plus lovely, kind-hearted people in these parts that you just can’t find anywhere else, though. With that being said, there are times when I absolutely consider moving up north just to escape… Read more Time to get the ac cleaned

Air quality needs

I truly know and respect the importance of having superb air quality. I had regularly taken it for granted, but when they finally told me it was not chronic bronchitis that was plaguing me, but asthma, my wife wanted to make sure it wasn’t our home that was bringing on the asthma attacks. It seemed,… Read more Air quality needs

Adores the a/c unit

Recently I was studying an article in my psych journal. More of a paper that is put out for psychologists, it talks about how to help people with uncommon types of mental ailments. Every one of us had talked about ‘objectophilia’ in class, but I never thought I’d meet someone who had ‘objectophilia’. I couldn’t… Read more Adores the a/c unit

Who gets thermostat control?

A common schism between the sexes always centers around the thermostat. Why is that? Seems to me that there’s a disagreement in every house regarding the temperature setting, as if it’s the one taboo no one is permitted to break. Often, although not typically, the guy prefers that the thermostat would be set warmer than… Read more Who gets thermostat control?

The a/c blocking the view

So my spouse and I live in this part of the country which never gets much in the way of hot weather. As a result, it has never made much sense to install central air conditioning. We elect to install window a/cs in our bedroom and kitchen instead, which gets us through the summer with… Read more The a/c blocking the view

My insurance policy

 Late last year,  my father in law passed away. The first thing my in-laws did was to start bickering over his life insurance policies… My father in law had purchased an immense whole life insurance policy when he was younger, and he also had an accidental death policy connected to it, In the end my… Read more My insurance policy