A relaxing day

I always look forward to the weekend! These are my days off and I love to just take it easy and relax. My wife always works on the weekends, so it’s really a pleasant break to not have to worry about a thing. Well, this past Saturday, I thought I would just kick back and… Read more A relaxing day

Fighting Kids

My kids are driving me absolutely bonkers today. They are fighting with each other about everything and they are making messes right and left. Not only that, they are all complaining about the temperature in the house. I don’t know about yours, but my kids don’t help pay the heating and air conditioning bills and… Read more Fighting Kids

Car Heater

Today my kids had the day off of school and so we decided that we would go to the zoo. After the usual trouble with everyone trying to shower and get dressed and find their shoes and pack their lunch, we finally were able to drag ourselves out to the car. The whole reason we… Read more Car Heater

Open All Night

I work as a heating and cooling specialist. But I don’t work as what you would consider a regular heating and cooling specialist. I am what’s known as an overnight emergency HVAC tech. And what that is, is someone who goes only on emergency overnight heating and cooling emergency calls! I pretty much sit in… Read more Open All Night

Car Blow Out + HVAC

My car had recently broke down during a trip I was taking cross country. I love to take long drives across the united states of america to be able to travel like that. I really love the way it feels and love the exploring. It is really even more better when I take a friend… Read more Car Blow Out + HVAC