Butting heads over a/c

My partner and I have a mutually gratifying relationship.  I think it is actually better than most married couple that I know.  I am proud of our relationship, because I can honestly say that he is not just my husband, but he is also my best friend.  When we are together, we do a lot… Read more Butting heads over a/c

Wants the HVAC on

All married couple have their differences and some have a lot more than others.  I’m not the arguing type, and I never was. I like to have things calm and peaceful, and if I had to fight someone to be heard, I would be wondering if I was married to the right person.  I love… Read more Wants the HVAC on

Terrible ductwork

My husband and I were really excited to finally get our own home.  It was a lovely four bedroom home, with a view of the placid lake. The was a bit old, and in need of some repairs, but it was the only way we could afford to buy.  We thought that as long as… Read more Terrible ductwork

AC does not really help

I loved living in the south.  I had moved here years ago, and I never regretted the move.  There are however, times that I wonder why I made this decision.  Easter is great, but there are so many people on holiday during that time, and they seem to all want to gather here.  There is… Read more AC does not really help

HVAC system in the bag

My job requires me to travel a lot, and a lot of that traveling involves flying. I could be headed for Chicago one day and California the next. It really can be that crazy. I am definitely thankful for my sky miles since the company doesn’t always pay for my flights. I am the one… Read more HVAC system in the bag

they need good a/c

Teenagers can be moody, and they are certainly extremely self-centered. Some claim that this only applies to females, but I have both living at my house, so I can tell you that gender doesn’t matter. I know that they want to be independent, but this means that they don’t want to be told what to… Read more they need good a/c