Learning about the city

Have you ever listened to the kids story about the neighborhood mouse and the rural mouse? I happen to read it and it’s what I thought of the first time I visited the big bustling city, and now I can proudly say this rural style of mouse has become a neighborhood mouse. I grew up… Read more Learning about the city

I am constantly overheating

Menopause is a whole lot of crazy facts of life that I believe every woman truly dreads. Really, I don’t know one individual who is fond of the scorching flashes and all the changes that accompany it in the worst involving ways on a daily basis. It has so many different definitions that come with… Read more I am constantly overheating

Working on the heater

I think I was born to sell things to others. From my early years, I was trying constantly to find an opportunity to do a garage sale or to sell refreshments on the streets. I joined the boy scouts planning exclusively to sell the merchandise door to door. I earned a modest fortune doing this… Read more Working on the heater