Each room is different

People love summer weddings. They like to have them outside when the sun is shining so the setting of the photos is cheerful and bright. Then there are those people who prefer destination weddings. These are always supposed to be fun events to attend, but oftentimes travellers find it can be less fun. For instance,… Read more Each room is different

Investing in my comfort

My darling boyfriend and I truly love to travel. Whenever we have the extra cash, we love  to jump with the car and take off for a little while. We have visited beaches, islands, valleys, and deserts on various road trips. We always desired to visit a mountain range. Neither my boyfriend nor I’ve ever… Read more Investing in my comfort

I’d love some sushi!

Rose, my younger cousin,  finally made it up north to visit me! I anxiously anticipated her visit to my cute, small urban apartment. My apartment is located in a busy metropolitan area. I made sure to spruce up my apartment to satisfy her taste. I had not seen Rose in about 24 months, and I… Read more I’d love some sushi!

It is finally warm again

As a job coach, I am often scheduled at places that I don’t prefer. For example, last summer, I was assigned to a museum that was eco safe. I thought it was okay to use their air conditioning for a couple of hours. It didn’t matter if the temperatures outside were in the nineties; the… Read more It is finally warm again