That old heater system

My grandfather did amazing work restoring their outdated 1950’s place. The outdated home had been forgotten for so many years, I was glad for them when they got it repaired. Not only did they repaint it, they also changed the wallpaper inside as well as got a current HVAC system! At first, they didn’t want… Read more That old heater system

Want early heating service

I have really bad seasonal depression. Every fall, I get really depressed because summer season is over. I appreciate the hot weather and hate the chilly weather, during this time, I always miss a lot of work! My boss at the Heating and A/C company understands that I have seasonal depression, but he has a… Read more Want early heating service

HVAC in a trade school

I was always a bad student during grade school, for example, I would skip classes every month and not turn in homework when it was due. I was entirely shocked when I graduated from high school; After floating around for a while, having strange jobs every month, my parents proposed that I look for a… Read more HVAC in a trade school

Working with a sunburn.

Have you ever had to go to work with a bad sunburn? Well after my experiences this week I hope the answer is no. Last weekend I went on a mini tropical vacation with my new boyfriend. I was so excited for our first trip away together that forgot to pack several things and one… Read more Working with a sunburn.

Daily fitness–

Fitness is a major part of my daily routine, and I couldn’t get my exercise done without an air-conditioned gym. When I first started trying to get in shape, I took up jogging. Running outside in the hot sun and in the snowy winters was not for me. During this time, I exercised twice a… Read more Daily fitness–

Window a/c in the cabin

When I graduated from college, my parents let me live in a cabin on their property for a couple of years. I used that time to save money, and I was very thankful for it. The only problem I had living in the cabin was with the air conditioner. There was not a standard HVAC… Read more Window a/c in the cabin

Terrible Boss

My boss has always been out to get me. He started with the HVAC company last year after I had already been there for four years. He is intimidated by my knowledge in the HVAC industry. I am great at being an HVAC technician. I pride myself in my work and helping out my clients.… Read more Terrible Boss