Back to the Grind With Some Air Duct Cleaning

I’ve been off of work for the past two weeks, that is until today when I go back and work on some ductwork for customers in their homes.

  • It is now summer and the weather is very hot and today I am going to be working in an attic cleaning the ducts and vents.

I will probably drink two gallons of water while I work in the attic all day. I was thinking about actually doing the work at night but the people will be home sleeping and I would probably keep them awake all night. It’s just that the attic will be cool at night and it would be a lot more comfortable working that way, but then again I wouldn’t be able to see very well in the dark attic. I’ll just take some breaks and come down into the office of the house where they have a wall unit to keep it cool. I can chill out there for a little while and cool down before going back into the attic to clean more ducts. The bigger worry for me is the insulation and how it makes my skin itch if it touches it. I will wear a full sweatsuit to keep it off of me but that is also going to make me really hot. There is no way to win when cleaning HVAC system ductwork I guess, so I am going to just have to grin and bear it for a little while. I think I can get the job done in one day though so it won’t be forever.