Back to the Grind With Some HVAC Heater Repairs This Morning

I can feel I didn’t sleep very well last night and I think it was because I was too cold in my bed the whole night.

The heater repair I have to do is for my own HVAC system because it stopped working on me a few weeks ago and last night was a sub zero night outside.

I think my flat was like 45F this morning when I came out for my coffee, and even the cats were a bit cold as they were really huddled close together this morning when I came out. I covered them with an afghan and went to the local business to get some parts for my central heating system. I think I have everything I need to fix the unit so all I need to do is get moving on it and finish the job. I think I will sleep a lot better tonight if I get the electric furnace working again before I go to sleep. Tomorrow I am going out of town to do a music gig in a nearby city and hopefully get back on track with my passion pursuit. I can also call my HVAC expert friend to come help me fix the HVAC unit, which is probably a good idea because she is better at fixing furnaces than I am. My expertise is more in sales than in repairs so I am not afraid to ask for help now and then. I think we can get the job done in a couple of hours if we work together.



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