Barney’s Been Cleaning for Hours and Looks Tired

I named my robot vacuum cleaner Barney because he just looks so innocent and sweet.

The only place Barney legitimately can’t wash on the floors is under my sofa.

The sofa sits too low for Barnet to get underneath. Maybe I could raise its legs a half inch then Barney could wash under it because I see lots of dust under there now. I vacuumed the sofa with my HEPA hand vacuum cleaner even though I couldn’t get under the sofa. I wonder how I could raise it up a half an inch? The sofa is a bit in the way of my smart control device so maybe I could transport the sofa over a few feet and Barney could wash that area for me. I don’t want to clog Barney though so maybe I should sweep up all of the big stuff that was where the sofa was before moving it. I’m going to look for a new gas furnace for my flat because I have an electric 1 that just costs way too much to operate. I suppose gas is a lot cheaper and cleaner for the environment so why not switch to it? I used to have a gas furnace a long time ago and I remember how cheap it was to heat my house with it. Hopefully it’s cheap now and I do not have to worry about how I’m going to spend money the power bills each month. Maybe I should get a gas tepid water furnace too, because I take a lot of baths and am sure it uses a lot of power.

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