Battle ropes are super beneficial

I’ve always incorporated different types of strength training into my daily workouts.

  • As a woman, I am not trying to build large muscles.

For me, the priority is toning the muscles. Because of this, I stick with low weight and high repetition. I have a set of hand-weights that include two-pound, four-pound and eight-pound sizes. I also have invested into a medicine ball, weighted pole, kettlebells and resistance bands. Each one provides unique benefits. This past year, for my birthday, my husband gave me a set of battle ropes. Although I’d heard of battle ropes, I’d never tried them before. It took me a while to get around to even unpacking them from the box, because I assumed they would be difficult to install. I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity. I had my new ropes set up and ready to use in under five minutes. I was also amazed by what a strenuous workout they provide. While my hand-weights, kettlebells and other strength-training equipment mainly works the biceps, the battle ropes are great for concentrating on triceps. I have googled to figure out how to properly use them and to explore potential exercises. Battle ropes are wonderfully versatile and an opportunity to improve core strength, endurance and power. They elevate all-round performance and allow targeting of specific muscle groups. I am impressed with the low-impact cardio workout I get. By making a variety of “waves” with the heavy ropes, I can burn more calories than running and effectively destroy fat. Battle ropes are tiring but also quite fun.



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