Be careful when you buy a new car

I’m taking another day off before starting work at my mom’s house. I just recently painted the whole outside of my sibling’s new home and want to rest my body one more day before starting mom’s painting. It’s tiring! I am here on holiday for another several weeks and I would like to earn a little bit of money while staying here to cover the cost of my expensive trip. I had to rent a car so that set me back about $2800. I think that maybe I should just buy a car next time I come here and it would be cheaper! I have a new little car that has a freezing air conditioner, and if I buy a car I would like to get something similar that gets nice gas mileage like this one always does. I’ve had older cars before too, and they consistently seem to have concerns in the Summer with their air conditioning systems. They would work for a while when I first got the car, of course. But then they would slowly start tearing up and the freezing air would disappear. I know some people just charge the cooling system of the car before they sell it and then when you’ve had it for a little while all of the coolant leaks out! Then you’re stuck with a hot car and no air conditioning! There are all kinds of tricks that people do to cars to keep them running longer just before they sell it to someone. The best trick is putting some sawdust in the transmission! I had an air conditioning system go on one of my cars the day right after I purchased it. The guy who sold it to me paid for the repair.


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