Beds that cool me down.

Most of our friends will gripe and complain about how they are cold and they can’t even get sizzling in bed. I am the complete opposite. I can’t stay cool enough. I normally have our toes and legs out from under the covers. I put our hands on top of the blankets, or I will begin to sweat. Max is continually complaining because I am pulling covers off him when I flip them off, however where many people are seeking out better heaters in the Winter, I would love to have a bed that cools me off, and can you imagine being able to press a button and have a/c come up right through the mattress? Mattresses now promise heat and massage. Max recliner offers heat and massage. My question to this is that what happens when someone wants to have cooling air without massage, then give me a bed that offers a nice cooling feature and not just in the pillowcases and sheets. Trust me when I say that these never work. Cooling sheets and pillowcases recognize cooler because of how they are designed, however in the middle of the night, I still recognize as if I have a blast furnace blowing over me. I want to recognize the a/c is blasting over me, so I can sleep appreciate a baby. I think it sounds crazy to want a/c in the dead of Winter, but I honestly don’t. I just want to be comfortable while I sleep, and there should be some other way for Max to have his heat and I have our cooling.
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