Both of us both wanted a big family, but now both of us hardly ever have any peace and quiet

It’s constantly nice getting a little bit of peace though when they are away

My partner and I both happened to be the only child in each of our families, and I guess that’s why both of us wished that both of us had a big family. So over the years, both of us had kid after kid and now both of us have 6 children. Of course, both of us had to invest in a much greater beach house so that everybody could have their own room. Both of us honestly have a house now that has 9 dining rooms if you can suppose it. I thought the energy bills would be extravagant, but both of us have an energy efficient Heating, Ventilation plus A/C that keeps the bills low. The thing I suppose I love the most is the fact that the house is out in the country. Both of us are not bothered by the sounds of the neighborhood or anything appreciate that, both of us honestly hear nothing but nature with the parakeets singing and the bees buzzing around. If you go outside during the evening minutes, it’s nothing but sweet peaceful silence occasionally, either that or you hear the crickets chirping and frogs croaking. Most of the time though when the teenagers are all home, there is no such thing as silence. These children are constantly playing, fighting, singing, dancing, and the list carries on, kids will be teenagers and both of us constantly tell them to get outside. Periodically some of our children will go to hang out at friends’ houses, but both of us have to drive them to their destination. It’s constantly nice getting a little bit of peace though when they are away. More recently, I decided to take just my partner to a getaway beach house so both of us could have actual peace for awhile. It was great, the teenagers got a babysitter and both of us had a attractive affectionate weekend getaway with a nice climate control system and a comfortable fireplace.



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