Breathing much better with help from air filtration

I’m not so wild about getting older.

It’s prefer this nice line between acceptance in addition to prevention. I’m in our mid 60’s in addition to I’m absolutely starting to notice a difference in our physical abilities. For sure, I’ve never been 1 to just stay parked inside the a/c. While I worked inside the zone controlled Heating in addition to Air Conditioning of an office. I constantly got out of the a/c for a walk in addition to a healthy dinner on our dinner minute. Likewise, when I got home, I didn’t just plop down in the recliner to suck up the a/c at cabin either. I either went to the gym with our husband or we took a appealing walk or maybe had a quick game of tennis in the night. So I’ve constantly been pretty healthy in addition to fit. But as I age, it takes more to keep all of this going. And 1 recent point of interest has made a wonderful change for myself and others respiratory health. Indoor air quality is something that I absolutely never understood nor paid that much attention to. I’ve constantly lived outside the city in addition to figured our air was clean. Yet, even with cleaner outside air, there are plenty of sources for synthetic airborne contaminants in the house. From carpet to furniture, synthetic airborne contaminants get released into the indoor air. Add to that pet dander in addition to pollen. That makes a lot of stuff attacking the respiratory system. So we now have HEPA filters in the cabin in addition to they toil great. I could tell the difference in the indoor air pollen levels within just a few days of having the HEPA filters in site.


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