Can I Make it One Evening Without Playing Ball?

This is my dilemma each time I go to the beach to relax and chill. All of my friends go to the same beach as I do and when they set up their volleyball nets and ask myself and others to play I find it entirely difficult to say no. My knees have been hurting from playing too much so I absolutely need to take a few nights off and just rest. I’m icing them right now as I category and hoping it helps with the pain. I have to work at the heating and cooling supplier in the afternoon so I need them to be great because I am going to be doing some heavy lifting of Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment for a job. I believe that with some rest and ice I will be great to go tomorrow afternoon for work. I work about 20 hours a month at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer doing repairs and replacements in homes and absolutely appreciate toiling with the people at the supplier. The people I was with and I all get along entirely well and have been toiling together for quite some time now. I got into the Heating as well as Air Conditioning industry a long time ago with heat pump repairs and then got into AC repairs and servicing for clients. I also teach some yoga while in the evenings when I am not playing ball as I have a few yoga clients who want myself and others to train them each week. So when I am not toiling on Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment or playing volleyball you can usually find myself and others on a yoga mat helping someone become more flexible.