Can’t get over this air quality

This is the first time that I wasn’t just super ready for the Springtime to be done, and where I live, my fantastic friend and I deal with a winter time season that requires all kinds of heating just to stay alive… That means I spend month after month sealed up inside the commercial Heating and A/C of the office or the residential Heating and A/C of my home, however at home, I lean on heating I get from the gas heater.

And I long for the time that I can get outside for warm, fresh air.

The concern is that I also have to deal with all the tree and grass pollen that make my Springtime pretty angry. So I have this peculiar love/hate situation going! On the one hand, I cherish that there is rebirth with all the purple and rising hot and cold temperatures! But on the other, I can’t find refuge from the pollen. Well this year, that sure wasn’t the case. That’s because I do have a pollen sanctuary and it’s right inside the central a/c of my home. With the addition of a whole household air cleaner, I’m able to care about Springtime on an very bizarre level. What’s funny is that when my fantastic friend and I decided to get this air cleaner, the allergen part wasn’t at the top of the list. My buddy and I absolutely wanted to improve the indoor air quality of our household to be more healthy. But frankly, the main motivator was getting rid of the indoor air odors once and for all. This air cleaner destroys the bacteria in the air that causes the odors. And man, our air was crisp, fresh and lovely smelling within 24 hours. But it was the flu symptom control issue that has been the most pleasant surprise, however i just cherish knowing that I can walk into a pollen free zone.

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