Can’t wait for the weekend

Everyone always looks forward to the weekend if you work a regular job.

However, working in the heating and air conditioning repair and installation business like I do, I have to say that I look forward to the weekend every single week as if it’s a major celebration! That is how hard the work I do in heating and air conditioning is.

To be totally honest, I really regret going into this for a career. But when I was younger I always had the dream of becoming a heating and air conditioning specialist. I did not know what the reality of that was! I honestly am thinking about a mid life career change here. That is how much I really do not enjoy what I do. But for now, I plow through it until I can figure out what else there is that would be good for me and who I am. And this is why I always look forward to the weekend! Because that is 2 days that I do not even have to think about heating and air conditioning and I can just laze around the house and do nothing. All while enjoying every single minute of it! I am single, not married and do not have any kids. So living alone with no other obligations other than making a living makes this all more bearable. But soon I will think about getting a degree in something else and changing my career path. This is something that needs to happen. I can not do this heat and a/c stuff another 20 years!

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