Changing things up in the kitchen for HVAC savings

It’s summer again and the next four months are going to be filled with plenty of daily heat and humidity. But there is the residential HVAC unit called the heat pump that helps us manage all the thick blanket of heat. Still, it’s all I can do to get through a summer with this sort of stifling heat. I’m glad to live here and if all this heat and air conditioning is what it takes in order to have the rest of the year, I’m willing to deal with the summer. It just isn’t easy. With prices for just about everything just going through the roof, we’ve had to really cut costs on the household budget. That means that essentials are also in that mix for cost cutting. When it comes to HVAC cooling, there’s just no way to get around not having it for the summer. I mean of course you could turn off the heat pump and live without it. Generations after generations of people did this back in the day before residential HVAC. But that would be a miserable experience and I’d be fighting to mitigate mold & mildew growth all the time. Thankfully, we aren’t there quite yet. However, we are aiming to cut another 10 percent per month from the HVAC utility budget this heat season. To that end, I’m even changing up how I cook this summer. Instead of using the stove or the oven, I’m cooking exclusively on the grill this summer. That means I don’t heat up the house each evening so there is less need for more air conditioning to compensate.
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