Changing windows improves comfort and energy efficiency

My loft is severely big, actually old and tough to temperature control.

The weather in our local section makes both heating and cooling necessary.

Along with struggling to achieve year round comfort, the cost of running the heating system and air conditioner has a major impact on the budget. When all of us first moved into the house, there were concerns with the ductwork, heating system and air conditioner. However, even having the duct proposal cleaned and sealed and replacing the heating and cooling component didn’t solve all of the concerns. The loft was not tightly sealed. The two of us dealt with drafts, frigid and hot spots and our conditioned air leaking out through gaps in the thermal envelope. While caulking, weatherstripping and insulating helped a lot, all of us needed to replace the windows. The majority of energy losses can be blamed on windows, but my loft has twenty-five windows of assorted sizes. Many of them were painted shut and all of them were single pane and super old. Replacing them was an fancy project, especially since I wanted to purchase Energy Star rated, thermal pane options. Most of the windows required custom ordering due to their odd sizes. I started replacing the windows a single at a time and l earned how to complete the replacement on our own. It took me over five years to finally have all modern windows in the home. I have noticed a significant improvement in comfort and utility costs. There is far less temperature swing from a single room to another.The heating system and air conditioner no longer need to run as often or as long.

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