Cold Heating as well as Air Conditioning and Long Sleepless Nights

Well, I l earned last evening not to drink half of a cuban Pepsi at 7pm or I won’t sleep all evening. I only had a sizable sip worth of the liquid but apparently it was a lot stronger than I thought and I ended up tossing and turning wide awake till about 8am. My smart temperature control was also turned down too low making myself and others chilly all evening but too tired to get up and change it. So today I am going to be extra accepting of everything and extra patient with myself and others. I work at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer today but only for a couple of hours doing some online advertising for them by myself in the back office. It will be a quiet afternoon, and a short afternoon, at the job and after that I will go home and do some yoga and meditation. I’ll also scrub my HEPA filter, if it needs it, and make sure everything looks great in the air handler room. I believe it is a great program to check your air handler once in a while to make sure it isn’t leaking air or water. Sporadically the tape starts to come off of the air duct leading from the air handler causing air pressure and efficiency to drop throughout the rest of the ducts in the home. The drain pan under the air handler can get full of water if there is a clog in the drain tube and cause all sorts of concerns. So it is a great program to get a repair plan so all of this can be avoided.


hvac service plan