Could this have been better?

Something occurred to myself and others the other morning. I was thinking back to when everyone cooled their homes in the Summer with window a/c units. While today most use central a/c. Between the more than 2 when you suppose about it, having a window a/c method was so much easier to maintain and cheaper to run. Could it be that window a/c was the better way all along for the average working class person? Also there was something about window a/c units that I remember clearly. And that was that the window a/cs had better air coming out. That of course is just my opinion. But I think as if the a/c coming out of the window a/c unit was much better in the way it felt. It wasn’t as dry as what comes out of a central heating and cooling system. Again, this could be just myself and others and my faulty memory. But that is how I remember it. Which brings myself and others back to the original question. Could window a/c been better than central a/c? I suppose in the end it is just a matter of opinion on the air quality that came out. But I suppose that having less maintenance and cheaper to run energy wise does class it as better! I had thought about it and wished that I did not get rid of my old window a/c unit. Otherwise after this thought of mine the other morning, I would have installed it and shut off the central a/c method for good!

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