Cultivating a big crop requires extra hands

I used to cultivate all of the marijuana and hemp on the farm on my own, and then I started getting older.

The older I get, the less I can do on my own. My business has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. I used to cultivate a small amount of hemp, but now I work with a cbd extraction lab that comes to the farm to perform the work. The mobile extraction lab means that there are less middlemen and the process and that saves me money. The mobile extraction lab includes two people that run the machine and two people that help with the harvest. I also hired a couple of people to help out. I am responsible for paying everyone that works on the crew and that includes the mobile extraction team. Even though they are technically part of the CBD extraction lab, I still have to pay their salary. The mobile extraction lab has allowed me to save $13,000 in this past quarter. That is a pretty big savings when you double or triple that number. I have several different forms that grow hemp and I am now using the cbd mobile extraction on every single one of them. The process absolutely streamlines my farming practices and it means less time wasted between each harvest. If I can get the hemp harvested and treated, then I can get another crop into the ground faster. More hemp crops means more money in my pocket and more money to build the farm.


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