Dad had doubts about our brother’s HVAC company venture

My brother is doing really well in the residential HVAC industry, so much so he has decided that he is going to expand and set up an additional commercial Heating and Air Conditioning dealer enterprise.

When he first started up his Heating and Air Conditioning corporation here a while back, dad agrees that he had his doubts about it. Don’t get him wrong, he was aware that my brother was easily talented when it came to actually working as a heating and cooling specialist. But, he had no idea how well he would do running his own business. At times my brother has struggles with juggling his time schedule.However, it has been a pleasant surprise during this time for dad. My brother has done really well at keeping current with all of his responsibilities and his appointments with his Heating and Air Conditioning customers. When he told dad that he wanted to expand and start doing commercial Heating and Air Conditioning jobs also, dad felt like he should just be supportive about it. Dad thinks my brother will actually do well with running many different companies at the same time. He has really proven himself since he started with his time management abilities. Also, he has proven to be really good at managing a whole group of other people. Maybe he is just meant for this line of business. Dad never really thought that my brother would end up owning a heating and cooling empire, however the way that he is going, that might really end up being what he does. Dad believes that the current commercial Heating and Air Conditioning corporation will grow in leaps and bounds.

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