Dad isn't happy these days

I haven’t seen my dad for a few weeks now.

My father has never been the happiest of people. He has anger issues and at his age of 72 I think it’s getting worse. Recently I decided he needed more care than what I can provide. So he now lives in senior living. I work 50 plus hours a week and he’s always calling me or needing something but his tone is so demanding. I’m a 48 year old man with no kids or wife and I couldn’t do this anymore. He’s always asking if I can pick up something for dinner or take him to the bar. At home the TV is too loud, the dog is snoring, the a/c is too cold or the heater is too hot. There is no winning with this guy. He’s a constant complainer. I love the guy but he needs more than I can give. The straw that broke the camel’s back which happened a month ago was when he deliberately took a hammer and broke the A/C unit. I had to call the air conditioning repair service but unfortunately they had to put in a new A/C unit. I had a smart thermostat also installed since I was doing upgrades which is pretty cool. I haven’t seen my dad for a few weeks now. This is I feel what’s best for him and I. Do miss him in a way and love him. When things cool down a bit I’ll visit him but he needs to adjust to his new lifestyle. He shouldn’t be too mad though because there is a local Tavern a block away.

New heating units