Dad suspected the cooling system needed more refrigerant

We’re not sure why dad chose to move away from the city.

One day he called my brother and me to say he was moving away.

I guess after many years of living in such a busy environment. Dad longed for some peace. He asked us to find some free time to accompany him to a lake house he was thinking about purchasing. One Saturday morning, when we were all free, we drove to the location and fell in love with everything we saw. My brother and I were even thinking about moving in next door. The location is out of this world, and the lake house is modern with excellent features. Among this house’s main attractions was that the developer has set up new HVAC systems in each of the properties. It’s been 3 years since dad moved to the lake house community, and we never heard him complain about the HVAC system. Last Saturday, dad phoned to say he was having an issue with the cooling unit in the lake house. He heard a hissing sound coming from it, and the research he did indicated this could be a refrigerant leak. Since refrigerant is dangerous, he turned off the AC and was contemplating calling an HVAC professional to take a look. I told dad that was a wise thing to do, and he phoned an HVAC professional immediately after we hung up. Later, he called to say it was a refrigerant leak which the HVAC professional fixed before adding more charge to the unit. He was happy the unit was no longer making the hissing sound.

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