Daughter of a cooling specialist

My first babysitting job was somewhat of a disaster.

  • I remember being so excited to earn some money.

Everything was going well until it was time to feed the two-year-olds. When I realized it was a battle I would not win, I left them alone and let them have yogurt instead. At around seven, the twins started saying it was cold, I had also noted the same, and we were all in jackets. I was exhausted from chasing them around. The minute I sat on the couch, I started dozing off. A crash caused by the twins woke me up. I also noticed that the temperatures had dipped lower, and the thermostat confirmed the obvious. Resetting it proved not to work, so I went to the HVAC equipment to try and restart it manually. My father is a cooling specialist, so I knew something about cooling equipment. When I found it, there was not a shadow of a doubt that it was a quality air conditioner, a new one at that. The air conditioner also used new cooling tech that was undoubtedly on the upper side of the price range. I was no cooling expert, but I knew that sometimes restarting could help solve some simple issues, and it did. I had never been so grateful to my father for introducing me to the cooling industry and teaching me more about air conditioning early in life. Thanks to my dad’s trips to the cooling corporation, I identified the equipment as a mini-split air conditioner. The house started warming up slowly, and the help with indoor comfort was a relief. Still, I would ask my neighbors to contact a cooling representative for maintenance or probably an air conditioning repair.

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