Designing our first air conditioning care system for the company

I had just come from an a/c installation task at one office in town. Their previous a/c had almost caused a fire and luckyly, the electrician had thought to switch off the power from the main switch. The reason for the fire was neglect. The company had not kept up with the annual air conditioning maintenance requirement. There were air conditioning repairs that needed to be done and that had grown to become grave problems that eventually damaged the entire system. The removal of the previous system and fitting of the up-to-date air conditioning system took us such a long time. At least something great came from the experience because the maintenance department was challenged and sought to try and adhere to the requirements of air conditioning care. Besides, it was entirely for their benefit as these Heating and A/C systems are extravagant and it makes sense to note any air conditioning service requirements. I assigned the task of helping the customer schedule the tune-up, to one of the air conditioning workers on our team. When I got to the office of the air conditioning company, the senior air conditioning representative, our boss called me into his office. I waited until he finished with the air conditioning company then went in to hear what he had to tell me. My work had been exemplary and he needed to assign a task to design a up-to-date air conditioning care system for the air conditioning dealer to deliver to clients. This was a big deal for me because this system was used to inform clients on ways to maintain the optimal function of their systems and improve air quality. It took me almost various weeks to come up with a comprehensive system that was straightforward for the customer to comprehend.

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