Do diets work or are they a waste of time?

As someone who is not new to dieting, I find that they do not work for me.

Well, they worked as long as I didn’t deviate from the set instruction.

But I believe diets are unrealistic ways of living. I prefer to adopt a healthy lifestyle because diets are usually temporary as well as something that I run to when I am trying to drop a few pounds within a short amount of time. A lifestyle, on the other hand, is something that I find easier to maintain. And though both do stress spending time in a gym, I find that choosing a healthy lifestyle over a diet yields better results. When I dieted, I went to the gym with a target goal in mind, as well as I found that once I hit that target, that was it for me. With a lifestyle there is less focus on a target as well as going to the gym is just section of the lifestyle. Plus, going to the gym on a consistent basis is a better way to make sure that I am getting the exercise needed to stay healthy. I don’t suppose about you, however when I diet I have the most cravings. It’s prefer subconsciously my body knows that I am dieting as well as it does everything to try to sabotage it. Furthermore, I find that most diets eliminate foods that are essential to stay healthy. So, although several people swear by their diets, I prefer to adopt a healthy lifestyle instead. And in the process, I will go to the gym as often as I can separate from having a set target in mind.
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