Do I or don’t I need a up-to-date AC unit?

I wanted to have the HVAC worker come to the home plus check the air conditioning unit, however last year, the HVAC worker told us we needed a up-to-date air conditioning unit for this summer.

The AC unit went all the way through last summer’s heat with no problem.

I was hoping she would say the same thing again this year. That would provide myself and others more than five months to save more currency. The currency I had put back for the AC unit, was spent on repairs for the oil furnace, so I was starting this Springtime out in the situation. I wanted to know: do I or don’t I need a up-to-date AC unit? When the HVAC worker finally showed up, she went right to the air conditioning unit. She had been there the last 3 years, plus I didn’t need to show him the way. She said she didn’t suppose what to say, however the AC unit still looked good. She was sure it could possibly get us through another summer. That statement had myself and others confused. She was sure it could possible, was not saying it would or would not last through the summer. I asked him to just say yup it will last, or no it will not last. If it won’t, I was going to need to find a way to get a up-to-date air conditioning unit, plus suddenly. If she was saying we could get another year out of the air conditioning unit, I was going to start socking away as much spare currency as possible, plus hope nothing major broke.



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