Doing a Practice HVAC Repair at Work for a Possible Raise in Pay

I call it practice because it is not an actual customer’s HVAC system but the company’s, and they actually break it on purpose to see if I can find and fix the issue in a certain amount of time.

I think there will be several issues with the unit and I need to find them all and make it work again.

I’m pretty good with that kind of stuff so I think it will work out fine and I should get the raise. I just want to keep doing HVAC system repairs and quality AC service during the summer and follow my passion of playing music. Tomorrow night we are going to do an open mic in a club in the big city near us and film it to use for promo. We want to get off of the streets in the wintertime and get into some electric furnace heated clubs before we freeze to death. The streets in this town are pretty much vacant anyways, so we end up playing to almost nobody and not making any money in tips. I think the club tomorrow has a few space heaters and I think we can have some fun there in front of bigger crowds. I feel like I am just getting old here in this small town and I need to push myself a bit and get out of this rut of a comfort zone I have created. There is more to life than fixing electric heating systems and programming smart thermostats. I feel like I’m dying inside without some type of shows in the future.

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